Alternatives to Having a Flower Girl

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Flower GirlIn today’s modern weddings, not every couple includes a traditional flower girl. Some couples do not have a little girl in their life that is the right age to fill the role. One of the newest wedding trends as of late is to have a little boy act as the flower child. Couples are putting little boys in white suits or other outfits and giving them the same flower petals they would have given a little girl.

Bold couples seem to have no problem with having an older male walking down the aisle fulfilling the traditional role of a flower girl.

When the little boy doesn’t want to carry flower petals down the aisle, another option is to give the child a white banner with “here comes the bride” written on it. Oftentimes, couples will choose to have two ring bearers and no flower girl.

Other couples, sometimes because they don’t want children at their wedding, will instead simply elect to line the aisle with flower petals just before the ceremony starts. The petals are often arranged in the shape of a heart or some other design.

For couples who want to include a girl in their wedding that is not of the appropriate age to be a flower girl, an option is to make her s junior bridesmaid. She can still carry flowers down the aisle; junior bridesmaids are just generally excluded from certain bridal related activities.

If a couple has their heart set on having a baby as their flower girl, they can choose an older little girl to pull the baby behind her in a wagon while moving down the aisle.

The same idea can be used for couples who wish to include their pet in their wedding. A well behaved cat or dog can ride in the wagon with a small sign attached to their collar that announces the arrival of the bride.

Other couples choose to completely bypass the idea of having a flower girl of any kind. Almost anything goes these days when it comes to weddings, so many couples are electing to put their own twist on their wedding day.

Decorating the altar with flower petals is one way for couples to have them in their wedding without the need for a flower girl. Baskets of flower petals can be set up around the site of the wedding ceremony, and many couples are choosing this option for many reasons.

In some cases couples choose not to incorporate any flowers into their wedding except for the bouquets that the bridal party carries. In these weddings there is no need for a flower girl.

No matter what choice a couple makes when it comes to the role of a flower girl they can still have a magical wedding day that they will never forget. The people a couple chooses to have in their wedding can help make the day even more special for them as they celebrate their love story.

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