36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
36" Wedding Sparklers

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Not only are our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers nearly twice as long as our 20 inch wedding sparklers, but they are also twice as thick as either our 10 inch or 20 inch sparklers. That means that the sparkle given by our 36 inch wedding sparklers is more than twice as big and twice as long-lasting as its little brothers. With a sparkler time of over 3 1/2 minutes, they are the largest and longest-lasting wedding sparklers you can find anywhere.

These are the perfect wedding sparklers for the bride that wants plenty of picture time with their sparklers. They also provide for a huge “sendoff” experience, and create an extreme “wow” factor in your wedding photos and memories for you and your guests. Our 36 Inch wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

How Many Do I Need?
Because each 36 inch wedding sparkler lasts approximately 3 1/2 minutes, you only need 1 or 2 per guest! You can buy wedding sparklers bulk via our full case or 1/2 case option, or by the box or half box.
  Half Box (48 Sparklers) Full Box (96 Sparklers)
  Price: $39.99 Price: $74.99

  1/2 Case (144 Sparklers) Full Case (288 Sparklers)
  Price: $109.99 Price: $209.99

Don’t buy leftover Independence Day sparklers for your wedding. Our beautifully packaged 36 inch wedding sparklers are designed specifically for weddings. The elegant packaging for our wedding sparklers adds class and charm to your magical day, unlike traditional sparkler packaging.

Our Wedding Sparklers vs. Theirs


Key Benefits of 36 inch Wedding Sparklers

  • Long lasting – they stay lit for an average of over 3 and 1/2 minutes. Your wedding photographer will appreciate these long wedding sparklers!
  • Smokeless.
  • “Wow” factor! The bigger size makes for a bigger sparkle.

While more expensive than the smaller sizes, the 36″ Wedding Sparklers is the way to go. Guests and the bridal party won’t have to worry about lighting these up at just the right time, because the long “stay lit” time covers a lot of ground. It generally takes the Kentucky Derby winning horse to run the race in about two minutes time. Our 36 inch Wedding sparklers last 75% longer than that!

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 19 reviews
Good Sparklers

Nice sparklers, best price for quality.

Very Bright

I assumed that these 36 inch sparklers would burn for longer than most other sparklers, but I had no idea how bright they would be! These are by far the brightest sparklers I have ever seen, and they worked perfect for our outdoor wedding. Thanks a bunch Wedding Day Sparklers!

by Shalene W. on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
The Longest Sparklers

We wanted to find the longest wedding sparklers possible for our send off line, and these are it for sure! They burn for a very long time, and they are very thick so they are not flimsy like the other sparklers I have used in the past. If you want the longest wedding sparklers that will burn for several minutes, these 36 inch ones are your best bet.

Very Gigantic

We wanted to have the biggest sparklers we could find for our grand exit, and these 36 inch sparklers were the longest wedding sparklers we could find. They certainly lived up to the hype, and we were very happy with the gold effects.

by Elvira Castillo on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Really Big Sparklers

I was looking for the longest wedding sparklers possible, and these exceeded my expectations. Big effects and long burn time make them perfect for a grand exit.

Gigantic Fun!

Even though the site clearly says that these are 36 inch wedding sparklers, I guess I just had no idea how big that was. These are really huge, but no too huge to handle. The sparks that these 36 inch sparklers make are amazing and they last a very long time. These are the longest lasting sparklers I have ever used.

Really Bright!

I was very impressed at how bright these burned. The 36 inch length ensured they burned for a long time, but the real impact for these sparklers was definitely the big bright sparkles that they make. Very cool.

Impressive Size

I bought these for my send off line, and they were perfect. I was very impressed by the size of these 36 inch sparklers, and the sparks that come off of them are really large too.

by Julia Senica on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Huge Sparklers!

These are by far the largest and brightest sparklers I have ever seen! we used them for our grand exit, and they were 36 inches of sparkling fun. The sparkles that came off these were amazingly large and bright, and they showed up very nicely in our photos.

by Cindy Lowell on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Perfect End to a Perfect Day!

We chose to order the 36” wedding sparklers for our wedding, and the certainly did not disappoint. Everyone loved how huge the effects were, and we were able to get dozens of excellent wedding photos because they burned for over 4 minutes each. What a great way to end a night of dancing and fun! Our parents were even able to go down our sparkling tunnel as well after we finished because the sparklers burned for that long. Any bride and groom looking for a fun and magical way to end their reception should look no further than these 36” wedding sparklers.

Childhood Memories

As a kid, the 4th of July was always my favorite holiday and I loved doing sparklers with my cousins and uncle. We didn’t get to see most of the family too often, but the 4th of July was always and exception. When I found out about wedding sparklers, I jumped at the idea of reliving my childhood memories and the joy it would bring to all my family who would surely remember those experiences as well. Everyone had a blast playing with the sparklers, and the photos we captured are some of my most cherished possessions.

by Rita and George on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Low Smoke for Indoor Use

I was looking everywhere for sparklers that can be used indoors, and after reading through every review and description on every website, I decided to buy my low smoke sparklers from Wedding Day Sparklers. BEST DESCISION I EVER MADE. I went with the 36” sparklers because of their low price and long duration, but my main driving factor was that they are smokeless. I have already given out this website to two of my friends who wanted sparklers for an upcoming wedding, and they both had flawless buying experiences as well.

by Amy Cooper on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Great Photos!

We absolutely adore the little details in our sparkler photos with our closest friends and family members having fun and laughing while Jake and I are having the time of our lives. We also did a picture of our first kiss with sparklers in the background, and that photo turned out just perfect considering it was completely unplanned. The grand exit was completely unforgettable; overwhelming does not begin to cover it! 🙂

by Kristy Roberts on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Fast Shipping

We decided to order sparklers for our wedding so we could do a send-off line, but our wedding was only 2 weeks away. Thanks to their fast shipping, we had our sparklers in just 3 days and were all set for our reception well before the big day arrived. We bought the 36 in. ones because they burned longer, and they were perfect for the photos which came out perfectly! All of our friends and family commented on how cool they were, so I definitely recommend them.

by Susan Wells on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Exceeded Expectations

My son was getting married in a few weeks, so I thought I would order some sparklers for their reception. I was incredibly happy with the quality of this product. The shipment came in very quick time, and everything was better than the advertisements claimed. I ordered the #36 gold sparklers, so they lasted well over 4 minutes which was perfect for our farewell line and getting many great photos.

by Shandra D. on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Excellent Sparklers

We ordered a box of 36 inch wedding sparklers and they arrived in just 3 days. They were very impressive, burning between 4 and 5 minutes each. They burned for more than enough time for us see the bride and groom off and get several really great picture in the proccess. These 36 inch sparklers were the perfect fit for our wedding, and I was very pleased with my purchase. Will definately use these guys again in the future when I need to order more wedding sparklers.

Unbeatable Prices

The sparklers we ordered were the talk of the wedding! I was worried when I first got the sparklers in hand that the 36 inch length may be too long, but once everyone started lighting them at the reception I realized the extra length gave everyone time to get lit and into position. The effects these big sparklers produce made for some of my favorite wedding pictures, and this company had the best prices and best customer reviews I found online. I will definately recommend this company to any bride or groom interested in have sparklers at their wedding.

by Laura Thomas on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Perfect Addition for Grand Exit

These sparklers were a great way to add fun create a memorable sendoff line at the end of our reception. Though we did not do our sendoff late in teh evening like many couples do, all of our guests (especially the kids) really seemed to enjoy theses super long 36 inch wedding sparklers, and they burned for plenty of time to snap some excellent photos of the whole thing. We had a very strict deadline and were crunched for time when we ordered, but a member of their staff contacted us and assured that we would have our sparklers in the 4 day timelime we were working with. Two days later, the UPS truck showed up with our sparklers. I would definately recommend Wedding Day Sparklers to anyone interested in quality wedding sparklers that are affordable and delivered quickly. I really cannot say enough about this company. Thanks again!

by Tanya Jennings on 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
Simply Stunning

Using these #36 sparklers for our sendoff line really made the day even more special! My sister tells me that everyone has complimented how fun the wedding sparklers were on our big day, and I'm really glad I chose to go with the 36" ones. After reading all the great reviews for you comapany and hearing about the quality of your 36" wedding sparklers, it made the decision to buy from you an easy choice. Thanks again!